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The Membership PowerShell Provider provides a dynamic and flexible front-end to ASP.NET Membership user credentials and identity management.

The canned Membership management tools do not provide a rich level of functionality. Specifically, they have several severe limitations:
  • they allow you to work with only one user at a time;
  • they allow you to locate users by username or email address only.

In order to overcome these limitations, developers typically add special-purpose pages to their web sites. The primary purpose of the Membership PowerShell Provider is to provide a stable, useful, and reusable platform to manage ASP.NET Membership. The provider leverages the innate capabilities of PowerShell to perform near-Herculean feats on your user store.

Like what you ask? Check out the Examples in this User's Guide for some idea...

Current Limitations

At present, the Membership PowerShell Provider supports only SQL Server-based membership stores. Support for Active Directory and custom membership stores is on the roadmap; if you have a particular need, please let us know.

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