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Membership PowerShell Provider Documentation

User's Guide

  • Overview
    • What's the purpose of this PowerShell provider?
    • What can it do and not do?
  • Installation
    • How to I go about getting this set up on my local environment?
  • Basic Usage
    • What do I need to know before I can use this provider?
    • How do I configure the provider to use my specific Membership store?
    • What is the path syntax when accessing Membership items?
  • Advanced Usage
    • How to I execute specific Membership activities using this provider, like adding or removing users?
    • What are the complete capabilities of this provider, and how to I leverage each of them?
  • Examples
    • I already know about Membership and installing and using a PowerShell module. Now show me some examples of this thing in action!

Developer's Guide

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