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Membership PowerShell Provider

The Membership PowerShell Provider makes managing your ASP.NET Membership accounts easy and friendly. It provides a configurable "users" drive you can use to interact with the Membership provider as if it were a file system.

Please see the Examples if you want some details on what you can do with this provider.


The Membership PowerShell Provider offers a significant improvement to the existing Membership toolset. The provider enables you to do the following:
  • Interactively explore your Membership users;
  • Filter users on any of their properties, such as approval or lockout status, creation date, and last login date;
  • Extend any of the existing PowerShell tools, such as PowerGUI or PowerWF to include the ability to manage your Membership store.

In short, the Membership PowerShell Provider makes Membership manageable.

Current Status

This project is currently in an Alpha state. Support for SQL-backed Membership stores is available, but Active Directory support is not available yet.

You can download the alpha module here: PreRelease Alpha (0.1).


We are looking for people to use the module and help identify configuration and usage pain points. The best way you can help out here is to use the provider and raise any issues through the Issue Tracker.

In addition, we need developers to help add Active Directory support to the provider before the first production release. If you're interested in helping out, please contact the project coordinator through the People tab.

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